2017 Cash Bounties,
Pre-Registration Process & Forms,
and General Information

Registration Forms
Are available at the bottom of this page. Get ’em while they’re hot.
NOTE: these Registration Forms are for event planning purposes (space, water, straw, hay, food, etc.) and so that you may be eligible for a Cash Bounty.

We ask that you sign in again once you enter the event so we have an actual headcount during the event. Sorry if this appears to be a duplication but it is necessary because we need both (1) to plan and (2) to insure those who actually attend the event. And since there is such a thing as Reenactor Math, you know, we must have an accurate count of those humans physically present at the event.

Cash Bounties
Cash bounties are a mechanism for encouraging behaviors that improve the quality of the event. Cash bounties are mailed to units after the event.

In order to qualify for a bounty you must

(1) submit a Registration Form in advance (available for download from this page only)

(2) be an active participant on the field both days

(3) submit a Cash Bounty Request Form (available in person at the event only)

If you have questions about bounties or Registration
or if you need a Cash Bounty Request Form, be sure to contact Doug Jones at

  • $100 cash bounty will be paid to the first five qualifying infantry or dismounted cavalry units to submit Registration Forms. To qualify, a unit must have at least 10 bodies (i.e., minimum of 8 rifles plus non-coms/officer).
  • $100 cash bounty will be paid to first five qualifying artillery units to submit Registration Forms. Plan on burning powder all weekend: shoot ’em if you got’em..
  • $35 cash bounty per qualifying rider per horse will be paid. Our field is unusually large and well-suited for horses. You are free to run your horses all weekend if you wish. The event provides feed hay, water and, of course, shade for your animals. 
    You will be required to show current health papers for each animal in order for that animal or any animal exposed to it to enter the event.

    Bounites are paid to riders, not to horses (they generally have difficulty cashing checks anyway). For example:
    >>> If one rider brings two horses and rides one each day = 1 bounty
    >>> If one rider brings two horses and rides only one = 1 bounty
    >>> Regardless of any other combination, one rider = 1 bounty

Pre-Registration Process
This is essentially a one-step pre-registration process:

  • submit a Registration Form (see below)

OK, that’s one step but I have faith in you. You can do it. Contact Doug Jones immediately if you have any questions or any excess blueberry pies.

We intend to accommodate individuals with special needs whenever possible – help us help you by informing us of your needs well in advance of the event.

General Amenities
The Event will provide a dinner Saturday evening. Bring your own eating utensils. 
Plan on bringing all other food you require for the weekend.

  • In 2017 the Feds will be east along the tree line and the Rebs will be west by the lake.
  • Feed Hay and water and shade will be provided for horses. You will be required to show current health papers for each animal in order to enter the event. Please contact Doug Jones if you have any questions or concerns. As a reminder to the Campaigners: the feed hay is provided to feed the horses only.
  • Straw and water will be provided for reenactors. There will be stationary water sources in each camp – one each in the Federal, Confederate & Civilian camps. You are invited to drink to your heart’s content but are cautioned against eating the straw, however, because it would swell up in your stomachs and cause you to explode. Also, the event reduces costs by returning all unbroken straw bales.
  • Firewood is provided. It is abundant and already distributed to the camp sites. Yes, you will have to carry it from the pile to your fire (sorry, artillery). No whining will be tolerated regarding firewood.
  • Campaigners have the option of selecting from among a variety of camp sites. In fact, Campaigners generally get more choices than normal people anyway.
  • Port-o-potties – including handicapped ones – will be abundant and convenient and out of sight. Rejoice.

General Information
This is a living history event and, as such, we expect each participant to maintain a reasonable amount of period authenticity. We welcome mainstream and hardcore impressions so long as all participants are presenting the very best impression they can. Let’s learn from each other and show the public what the 19th Century was really like. Let’s all do our hobby proud.

  • EVERY REENACTOR -> PLEASE REGISTER when you enter the event please sign in at the James Country Mercantile tent (if it’s closed for the night simply come back the next morning). We ask this of you so that our event insurance is in full force. 
  • If you require modern devices for health reasons, bless you for coming in your infirmed state but please keep them out of sight of spectators.
  • Please, no pet dogs, cats, or pigs. Especially pigs. We could consider exceptions for old dogs & chickens provided that the dogs are lame & the chickens plump. Contact Doug directly & in advance if you have any questions about this.
  • As always, please refrain from high-diving into the watering troughs. Even though the YouTube video was surprisingly popular, we don’t want a repeat of last year.
  • Don’t carry a pop can or smoke cigarettes in view of the public – use your period cup for all liquids and buy a pipe from James Country instead. This is one of Doug’s pet peeves!
  • Lamoni spectators are a curious breed, so expect spectators to enter your camp and look in your tent. If you are visible or your tent flap is open, you are on display: if you need privacy, close your tent flap or go hide in the woods.
  • Campaigners have a special place in heaven waiting for them, a place where it is warm and dry and there is plenty of shade and firewood, and no mosquitos. At Lamoni, campaigners have a large number of great choices regarding where to camp.

Pre-Registration Forms
Here is the Pre-Registration Form you have heard so much about. If you have trouble submitting yours, complain (see below) and then try again. Again, I have faith in you and thank you for trying.  Doug Jones (515) 707-4523 or email.

Reenactor Registration Form

Lamoni’s 14th
Civil War Days
Reenactment & Living History Festival
May 19-20-21, 2017

Individual Information

Unit Information

Bounty Request Forms are available at the event only.