Participating Reenactors

    Civil War Days is growing because we are committed to building our event around the needs & interests of the reenacting community. The event objective is to display as many aspects of 19th Century life as possible, and, therefore, we embrace all types of impressions so long as they are period-correct. We also have a unique campaigner-only, mini-immersion event Friday night/Saturday morning (click here for details). In short, we welcome every unit that wants to honor the memory of its ancestors and improve its impression. More units join us each year because they hear about our spacious battlefield and our reputation for being reenactor-centered. We are committed to doing things the right way and value the input from individuals and units, and we invite any reenactor who genuinely cares about living history to join us. We invite you to reference our event with any individual or any unit who has attended.

    I am embarrassingly behind in updating this section. Sorry.
    This list will be updated as new units register so check back closer to Labor Day weekend for more timely informaiton.
    Typically units return year after year, so you can look at previous years as representative of who will be here in 2014.

  1. 2012 Participating Reenactors - many units represent the Muddy River Batallion and the Blue-Gray Alliance

  2. 2011 Participating Reenactors >>> An MCWRA Maximum Effort Event<<<
    • 2nd Iowa Volunteer Infantry
    • 7th & 30th Missouri Infantry - Missouri Irish Brigade
    • 15th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company B
    • 25th Missouri Infantry, Co A
    • 32nd Iowa Volunteer Infantry
    • 2nd Colorado Cavalry Dismounted - Colorado Volunteers
    • 2nd Iowa Volunteer Cavalry
    • 3rd Iowa Cavalry, Co D
    • 4th U.S. Cavalry, Fremont Pathfinders
    • 7th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry
    • McLain's Battery - Colorado Volunteers
    • 3rd Iowa Light Artillery
    • 3rd Missouri Infantry
    • 4th Arkansas Infantry
    • Jackman's 16th Missouri Infantry (CSA)
    • Kelly's Irish (CSA)
    • 3rd Missouri Infantry (CSA)
    • 1st Missouri Dismounted Cavalry (CSA)
    • 6th Missouri Dismounted Cavalry (CSA)
    • Elliott's Scouts - Dismounted Cavalry (CSA)
    • 1st North Carolina Cavalry/12th Missouri Cavalry
    • Porter's 2nd NEMO Cavalry
    • 6th Missouri Cavalry
    • Landis Battery (CSA)
    • 10th Missouri Light Artillery (CSA)
    • Raxorback Flying Artillery
    • 4th Engineer Regimental Company
    • 4th US Medical
    • Missouri Brigade Medical Service

  3. 2010 Participating Reenactors >>> An MCWRA Maximum Effort Event<<<

  4. 2009 Participating Reenactors >>> An MCWRA Maximum Effort Event<<<

  5. 2008 Participating Reenactors

  6. 2007 Participating Reenactors

  7. 2006 Participating Reenactors

  8. 2005 Participating Reenactors
    • Company B, 15th Iowa Volunteer Infantry & 60th North Carolina Infantry
    • Missouri Irish Brigade, 7th and 30th Missouri Volunteers
    • Landis Battery
    • 2nd Colorado Dismounted Cavalry
    • Collins Battery B
    • Elliott's Scouts
    • 3rd Missouri Light Artillery

  9. 2005 & 2006 Period Fashion Show Models
  10. Living Historians of all ages wear the clothes that our ancestors wore. This event will show you what they wore as children, adolescents and adults, whether they were male or female, rich or poor, lived on a farm or in a town, or dressed casually or formally. These period-correct outfits are painstakingly re-created from well-researched patterns (everything from period patterns to complete period outfits can be purchased from James Country Mercantile in Liberty, Missouri).
    You will be struck by how handsome the gentlemen look and how beautiful the ladies are in these period garments.

    Anyone who has an interest in participating in this event is invited to contact the event organizers.
    Please be re-assured that every person listed below started out as a novice.

    • Aaron Camp
    • Aaron Kolesik
    • Becky Foster
    • Bob Hammel
    • Bonita Booth
    • Brock Mahi
    • Brooke Deemer
    • Capri Walling
    • Carita Juhnke
    • Carol Shannon
    • Casey Conrad-Davis
    • Cheri Powell
    • Chuck Adamson
    • Cyndy Norman
    • Dave Mohler
    • Dave Tutje
    • Deanna Schall
    • Drew Kolesik
    • Dustin Mahi
    • Dylan Pitt
    • Erin Roberts
    • Eva Roberts
    • Grace Bjorland
    • Jack Ergo
    • Jaimy Klever
    • James Crofutt
    • Janell Tutje
    • Jay Stevens
    • Jeff Jones
    • Jenny Welder
    • Jim Hammer
    • Kam Mahi
    • Kapri Walling
    • Kara Camp
    • Kathy Miller
    • Kelsey Shantz
    • Kindy Mahi
    • Kyla Ranney
    • Larry Phillips
    • Laura Lee Ramirez
    • Leah McIntire
    • Leigha Kolesik
    • Maddy Thompson
    • Mandy Kolesik
    • Marcie Jones
    • Margaret Welder
    • Marjie Foster
    • Mark Kolesik
    • Mic Halferty
    • Mike Miller
    • Morgan Thorpe
    • Nancy Young
    • Roger Shannon
    • Samantha Silver
    • Shelly Welder
    • Sherri Adams
    • Sonny Welder
    • Spencer Hardin
    • Stacey Badder
    • Sue Hanton
    • Teagan Rowland
    • Teyonni Walling
    • Tom Morain
    • Trent Ranney
    • Wyn Jones