School Day

Open Invitation to all students,
including public & private & home schools

The School Day Program

Friday, May 19, 2017
10:00 AM – 1:30 PM 

Objective: to present as complete a picture as possible of our ancestors’ lives in the mid-19th century.

At present we have no plans to conduct a tactical-level battle on Friday.
However, we are planning for a display of cavalry formations and movements at 12:30

Lamoni’s Civil War Days extends an invitation to all area students to participate in a hands-on encounter with a varied group of extremely talented and accomplished living historians. Each of these living historians specializes in bringing back to life an aspect of 19th Century American life. As a group, they present hands-on, interactive demonstrations that portray both military & civilian impressions, including artisans & trades people as well as Civil War infantry, cavalry, artillery and medical units. Each of them brings a special depth of knowledge, talent, and expertise that will entertain and enlighten you.

Please be aware that the main public event for the reenactors starts on Saturday.
Our School Day Program is intended to provide your students with more intimate, hands-on access than the general public is afforded on Saturday & Sunday.  On Friday you will meet those reenactors who made an extra effort to work with your students and provide a special sampling of the weekend’s activities; they took an extra day off of work and arrived early in order to be available for you.  Be aware that during the day more reenactors will be arriving and setting up their camps. These newly-arriving individuals may not be able to give presentations to your students.

Regardless of the age or gender of your students, something at Civil War Days will draw them in.  When your students return home, they will know a great deal more about how their ancestors lived.

In order to plan properly, Civil War Days School Day Program needs to know how many students will be in attendance.  Please contact us right away and let us know that you are coming and tell us how many you are bringing with you.  Do know that you are welcome to join us right up to and including the day of the event.

Home Schoolers are particularly welcome – please spread the word!

Civil War Days expresses its profound thanks to our living historians.
They travel great distances without pay in order to make the past come alive again. They are the event.  Civil War Days is proud to say that many of these living historians return to Lamoni year after year.

And we extend a very special thanks to Americorps and Graceland University for helping organize this event