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Lamoni is closer than you might think and very easy to reach.
View an aerial photograph of the Encampment & Battlefield at bottom of page.

Lamoni, Iowa is located precisely on the Iowa-Missouri border on US Interstate-35.
Lamoni can most easily be accessed from I-35 by taking Iowa Exit #4.
The town center is approximately 2 miles west of Exit #4 on US Route 69.

Lamoni is only one hour’s drive (75 miles) south of Des Moines, IA and only 1½ hours drive (110 miles) north of Kansas City, MO.
The Lamoni community is highly supportive of this event and extends a warm welcome to all.

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Where is Lamoni, Iowa and how do I get to it?
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Aerial photograph of the encampment, battlefield, Home Pond, and the Lamoni town center.

  • In this photograph north is up, south is down, east is right, west is left.
  • Home Pond is the lake located just right/east of center.
  • The battlefield is circled in red it’s the pasture adjacant to Home Pond just to its right/east and nearby in white is the Lamoni Bike Trail. The battlefield is 38+ acres.
  • Lamoni town center is located in the bottom-right/southeast corner of this photograph, one mile from the battlefield.
  • US Interstate-35 (not visible in this picture) is 2 miles south and east of Lamoni and it passes through this area on a northeast-southwest diagonal orientation. Iowa I-35 exit #4 is located 2 miles east of the center of Lamoni on US Rt. 69 and Missouri I-35 exit #114 is located 2 miles south of the center of Lamoni on US Rt.69.