Campaigners Only

An Event within the Event

Due to popular demand

We are planning a small Campaigner Event in 2017

If you have any interest in the Campaigner Event, contact me right away 515.707.4523

Essentially you will be given an objective and sent out on patrol, establish a remote camp, and not return until the following morning.
You may be assured that you will engage in some unscripted, tactical-level activities along the way.



For numerous years Lamoni’s Civil War Days has been proud to provide a unique period immersion experience.
The details of the routes changed from year to year in the hopes of keeping it new & different.

EVERYTHING is in process now, so check back later on for more details.

For 2017 we will confine the physical location of the Campaign activities to the area immediately adjacent to the lake (“Home Pond”) – this still provides ample ground to play in.
The start time will be the same as always (Friday, 6:30-7:00 PM) but we should be able to drop in any late arrivals as well.

For 2017, (1) unit commanders will consult with me prior to embarking as to camping choices and as to military objectives then (2) Campaigners will march out of the main encampment and set-up camp.
The route is not difficult but could be fraught with danger. Make camp where your commanders choose.
we hope that on Saturday morning you can re-join the main body of troops at the event encampment…or die trying.

This event is designed both for the Campaigner and for those who wish to leave the main encampment to greet them along the way.

Contact me (below) and check back closer to May 19, 2017 for final details.
Modeled after 2007 & 2008 & 2009 & 2010 & 2011’s popular campaigner events, we are planning again to provide you with a taste of military life on an active campaign. This tactical-level activity is completely unscripted.
There are no uniform requirements because we would rather make this experience available to you, regardless of your attire.
During this 16+ hour period you will be issued NO food, water or firewood.

This Event within the Event is strictly voluntary.
This activity is not particularly physically-demanding and it is also particularly appropriate for a first-timer who wants to try the campaigning experience.
This is your opportunity to live as Civil War soldiers actually lived for 16 hours.

Prior to bringing this activity back to life, please refer to the schedule below as a model.

Beginning at 6:30 PM on Friday, May 19, 2017, Confederate and Federal forces will move out from their respective camps. They will be issued rations, receive short instructions and then begin their respective marches across the countryside.
Neither force will know everything about the other so there is a healthy dose of the unknown and the spontaneous in this activity.
This experience will approximate the way Civil War armies lived outside of garrison or of winter quarters while pursuing the enemy and actively on “campaign.”

In order to make spontaneity unavoidable, no one will know all the details of the Campaigner Event in advance – not even me –
but everything you need to know in order to prepare yourself is posted here. Simply follow these guidelines and you’ll be fine.
Call Doug Jones (515) 707-4523 with questions or to express your interest in joining this unusual activity.

NOTE: if you want to participate in this activity but cannot arrive at the event in time for the 6:30 PM Friday departure, we can still connect you with the campaigners at most any hour during Friday evening or early Saturday morning. Please make special mention of your late arrival time when you contact us – otherwise we may not be able to connect you to them if you fail to notify me in advance.

While on campaign, supply trains were always kept far to the rear in order to protect them from enemy attack. This meant that campaigning troops could not count on supplies reaching them: therefore, they carried with them what they needed to survive. We provide you with a list of what we recommend you bring (see list below) – it is a tried and true list of minimal items that will meet your basic needs. You are well-advised to travel light.

I have personally walked the entire route prior to the event.
You will find that all routes require approximately 30 minutes of unhurried, sustained walking each day. For the modern couch potato, this represents a challenge. The terrain is Iowa pasture and cement bike trail. The scenery is beautiful and you will be free from all signs of modern life. You will camp in rough terrain. But be mindful that the march is longer than the round trip to your mailbox.

• To fall in promptly at 6:30 PM (for a 7:00 PM departure) on the Friday of Labor Day weekend, and become a period soldier.
(NOTE: if you cannot arrive at the event this early, we can still connect you to your pards. Let me know in advance about your late arrival so we can make arrangements.)
• To carry-out orders and perform your duties. You will be part of a team and your brothers-in-arms will be counting on you.
• To prepare your rations for supper and breakfast. You will eat as a mess.
• To serve a shift on picket duty. Camps will be guarded until well after dark but not for all night.
• To remain in period until arriving back at the encampment on Saturday morning. This means you should be ready for anything of a period/military nature at all times as there will be enemy units operating in the same area.
• Be prepared for military engagements. This is not a heavy “battle” or “powder-burning” experience; still, you must be prepared to act in defense of your brothers. For this purpose, bring a standard cartridge box with 40 rolled rounds. NOTE: burn your powder wisely.
• Attempt to maintain “first person” at all times, but at least refrain from modern speech and subjects. Silence is period-authentic.
• Be in reasonably good physical condition. We HIGHLY recommend some training in advance:

• A haversack to carry cooking & eating utensils (including a canteen half, tin plate or fry pan, a fork, a spoon, a knife, possibly a boiler/mucket), some cotton rags/hankies to wrap rations in, canteen (report with it full), wool blanket & possibly a ground cloth/oil cloth for protection from wet, and a Long weapon (any period long weapon that is clean and in firing condition is appropriate, including muskets, rifled muskets, shotguns, etc. Please, no revolvers or long knives for infantry.)
• We aren’t concerned so much about your clothing/footwear/hat. We would rather have you enjoy the experience, learn and have a good attitude. If you wear an indicator of rank on your regular uniform and have another one available without rank, please wear the unmarked one so we don’t look like a “company of Corporals.” Know that whatever you choose to wear will be acceptable, however.
• These are the recommended bare essentials. You may bring other items, provided they are approved by the Federal or CS commander but any extra weight you add will feel heavier and heavier the longer you march. Think simple. Having less is period-authentic.
• Even though mosquitos are not a particular problem in Lamoni, they are period so we provide some. For this reason you are well advised to apply modern bug repellents prior to marching off. If you choose not to use these modern repellents, however, be assured that most any version of a mosquito-swatting-dance is generally considered period-authentic.

(1) moderate physical conditioning so that you can hike 1 mile each day, (2) basic reenactor training, and (3) an interest in experiencing campaigner life.
You should be conditioned well enough to participate in sustained physical activity to begin with. As a minimum, you need basic reenactor training – how to handle a weapon, for example – and a desire to learn more about the actual experience of a Civil War soldier.
For the novice campaigner, this is an opportunity to experience something new and learn; for the experienced campaigner, this is an opportunity to fall in with bully pards in a beautiful setting. We expect you will enjoy it so much you will recruit your friends for next year.


Contact Doug Jones at (515) 707-4523
Be sure to visit the Civil War Days event web site to see an aerial photo of our countryside at