Lamoni's 14th Annual Civil War Days, May 19th-21st

Reenactment & Living History Festival
A Proud Participant in & Sponsor of the 2011-2015 Iowa Civil War Sesquicentennial Celebration.

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Military Command Structure for May 19-21st, 2017
Overall Federal Commander: Col James Crofutt, Muddy River Brigade
Overall Confederate Commander: Col Sean Slocum, Southwest Cavalry Brigade
Event Provost: Lt Bob Tackett

Living History Festival

Lamoni’s Civil War Days is the largest and best-known annual regional cultural event in southern Iowa and northern Missouri and it presents a period-authentic, hands-on experience of life during the American Civil War era, both military and civilian. Our encampments, battlefield & event Town Square are nestled in a spacious lakeside setting in rural south central Iowa farm country 1 mile from Lamoni town center.

Glimpse Our Ancestors

Civil War Days attracts Living Historians and Reenactors from throughout the Midwest, primarily from Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska. These Hearty Souls conduct extensive research and portray both civilian and military impressions in order to provide the 21st Century public with a glimpse of our ancestors' lives. They are the event.

Our History Unites Us

Civil War Days has three primary purposes: one, to respectfully acknowledge the sacrifices of our 19th century ancestors by bringing their stories back to life; two, to provide an unusually supportive venue to the Living Historian and Reenactor communities for demonstrating their hobby; and three, to reference our shared national & family narratives as a way of reminding us today that we are all connected, all one people.

Free Event

Lamoni's Civil War Days brings history alive, is Admission & Parking-Free, Family-Friendly, and provides an experience that every member of your family will talk about for a long time. And you are invited - and don't forget to bring your water bottles, your cameras, your lawn chairs, and your sun screen.